Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Whats going on ya'll hope all are well just blogging for a bit why I have the motivation had a long day at work. Just finished watching the a Rick Ross video ft. the dream. Video was filmed in Colombia I have to say I liked the rawness of the footage excluding the girls shaking their booties of course its still mainstream and so cliche as always. I did appreciate the artwork in the music video a mural of rick ross done up on a wall with the word Medellin to accompany it.

Here are some pics

Pics courtesy of of Derick G. Com

Monday, May 25, 2009


Well I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend because I sure did. I got to get together with some of my peoples who I haven't seen in a while had good times and laughs. Nothing like being at ease with some good friends and what not. Biggups to mother nature as well for hanging in there and giving us some beautiful weather. Last night I was out in the city putting up some street art with some good old wheat paste. It is definitely an adventurous journey getting up.

Well unfortunately back to work tomorrow but at least it will be a 4 day week so that is the good thing about it. So yeah hope all of you get some good rest and be ready to go back to work tomorrow. I am gonna make this one short until my next posting.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Whats up ya'll hope all are well. Just keeping all of you posted and hoping that all are enjoying this beautiful weather that mother nature has brought us. We have to be grateful for the many blessings especially when good weather comes around. Well I know for the most part around my way everyone is sparking up their grills for a bbq, some good laughs, good food, and a beer here and there or of course your preferred drink. But most importantly some good rays of the sun our bones need it once in a while.

Well for as for me woke up early did my rounds now updating the blog and waiting to see whats up for later on today. The day is still young and some are still sleeping or recovering from a pre-memorial weekend celebration and what not. But I won't make this one too long because I know you guys wanna go out and have fun and celebrate with friends and family so peace out and be easy. Remember "Click it or Ticket" is heavy in the streets.

I leave you guys with a video by Ryan Leslie called I-R-I-N-A enjoy

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Back again it has been a hectic and busy couple of weeks.    School is soon coming to an end and its relax/creating art time.  Looking forward to the summer time and the time off from school.  It gives me the opportunity to concentrate on my artwork and I can regroup physically and mentally.  I am almost done with the last piece that I posted up just a few more things to do to it and add the finishing touches to it.  I am content so far with the outcome of it.  Will re-shoot after it is all done and finished.  But I am definitely motivated to continue creating new work until the next time to be continued.......


Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hello all and happy mother's day to all mothers around the world for your continued hard effort and unconditional support.  Well I  have been away from the blogging scene because I have been working on new pieces of art and I have been focused.  My new work is coming along I work on it as much as I can one day I do one day I don't but I am consistent with it.  So far I am I like how things are turning out.  I am currently working with mosaics and plywood and mixed-media as I usually do.  Hopefully I will be able to achieve my goal this summer which is to create a reasonable amount of pieces and also experiment with new things.  So I am going to keep this one short for now.  Shall return soon blessings to all.

Sneek Peek at new work