Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Good day all first off man it is cold as hell out there so Im trying to keep warm.  Currently at my peoples shop trying to stay warm got a skully on my Avirex hoodie black retro vans on and on my mac book pro blogging it up and waiting on my new toy coming in a few days my canon rebel XSI yup!  Back on my photo grind miss it been out the game for a minute and my photography family has been trying to convince me to get back into the game so they finally convinced me.  Thanks to Michelle Wilson whose been telling me for a hot minute to pick the camera back up.

So in other news the Jordan Space Jams released last week and it was a total fiasco all over the country people waiting in lines for hours and even damaging store fronts just to get their hands on a pair of lifeless soles.  But hey we all have a thing for something in the world but you gotta respect the Jordan game its tough and highly competitive so to all of you who got your hands on a pair of Jams congrats make sure you take care of them because there are going to become very rare in just a nick of time.  I happened to come this close to a pair of them at Fresh Kickz sneaker boutique and I was given the honor to touch them and also take a picture of them. So here is a photo of the oh so rare "Space Jams"  enjoy the flix thanks to my good peoples at FK yup!

Photo courtesy of Elijah Arts Unltd

Current readings I happen to be at Barnes & Noble and picked up this issue of course because Alicia was on the cover so it was a must to cop it.  They do have some good articles in this issue so ya'll definitely have to pick up a copy.  So I actually some time out of my busy work schedule to read it and actually learn new things.  Giant magazine is def a good mag and good articles in it as well.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Good day all hope all of you are doing just fine and are away from this snowstorm / blizzard.  Today I was able to make it out to the Dunk X Change at the Crash Mansion in New York City.  I have to say the moment I arrived the mood was chill and the vibe was real and laid back.  Clothing brands and sneaker heads were setting up their product and the music was just true to the essence.  There were playing oldschool hip-hop from Gangstarr to Group Home, from Boot Camp Click to OGC , Pete Rock and CL Smooth and the list goes on but you guys get the idea.  So yeah though the weather was not forgiving that didn't stop true sneaker and fashion heads from coming out to this wonderful event.  Biggups to Fresh Kickz Boutique, Yote City Clothing, Dirty Jax Clothing Josh and C Perior, Desaree from Fly Kickz, 8&9 clothing. and Dro Pesci the host from Shady records and DJ Jack the Ripper always showing  love.  Here are some pics for you guys to view and enjoy.

Photos courtesy of Elijah Arts Unltd

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The life & times of ...

Hey hey what's goin' on... it's your home girl Hooch! Lettin' E kick his feet up for a bit! Shout out to E by the way for having yet ANOTHER successful shoot with Michelle W! Big ups for that.. More on that in our future post.

Now you all know how much I LOVE music!? & If you know me personally you know having a phone conversation with me is the worst because I ALWAYS have music playing, no if and's or but's. I'm always open and looking to explore new underground artist, or local artist tryna' make something out of something out of nothing out of something out of ... ok I'll stop... :(

Anyway I'm extremely picky with the music I actually LIKE... I'll listen to ANYTHING, but I won't like EVERYTHING. & this dude we're featuring today... THIS DUDE.. from his lyrics to his face, to his hair, down to his beats, mix tape etc... ( I can go on for days) .. This dude stole my ear with his music, my eyes with his face, and my heart with his ability to have an intellectual conversation without sounding like a fraud!

You'll love him, we do! & We will continually update our site, letting you know what's going on with our boy! Good music, good taste, good conversation, all we needed was a drink and a two chairs under a gazebo & it woulda' been set! haha.. alright alright now here we go, the one and only, our boy, the talented, gifted, and lovely------ M-Eazy!

1. State your name for the record please

M-Eazy in the flesh.

2. Why "M-Eazy" ?

You know what? I don't know. I feel names should be given to you. You don't decide what people call you. When I was younger running the streets that's what my friends called me. My real name is Matthew so obviously that's where the significance of the "M" comes in place. Supposedly it's a common nickname. I get a lot of dudes hitting me up saying I'm not M-Eazy, they are, blah blah blah. So on a lot of my accounts I put "The Real M-Eazy" out of humor of the situation but keeping it funky. Hov calls Memphis Bleek, M-Eazy. So really Bleek is the real M-Eazy. I don't know if I'll ever get into a problem with the name because of that or not.

3. What do you do for a living?
Right now I'm just a college student at Full Sail University. Majoring in Recording Arts and Music Business.

4. At what age did you begin writing, & what inspired you to do so?

I think I was around 14-15. I started off writing about girlfriends I had. Then when I was 17, I actually got into the recording and getting more creative with my writing.

5. Do you consider yourself a rapper, or an emcee?

Neither. I consider myself an Artist. What I do is just an art. I'm more into the making of music rather then the actually rapping on the microphone. Soon I would like to be considered a Musician. I'm taking classes in Piano and maybe if I'm good enough I might take some in Guitar.

6. What goals & aspirations do you have for your music?

My number one goal is just want to have a successful career. Whatever I end up being in this industry I want to be really good at it. Doesn't matter if I'm a millionaire or just living comfortably but I do want to have enough money for my mother to quit both her jobs so she can finally relax for once in her life.

7. Now a day anyone can spit & make it. What set's you apart from all the mainstream bull?

What sets me apart is I can do it all. I don't just write and spit. I can record and mix my own beats and vocals. I'm working on my producing skills but I'm hoping soon enough I'll be up to par with that as well. Where I am right now with my music I got here completely by myself. Everything you hear in my music is usually all done by me. Except this mixtape I did get some help on getting beats from other producers. Like I said I'm working on that part of my game. Everything else is all me.

8. Who are some of your inspirations in music?

I could get inspiration just out of a situation that happens throughout my day but music wise. I've always been big fans of Jay-Z, Joe Budden, Stack Bundles, Fabolous, The Roots, Evidence (from Dilated Peoples), Coldplay, and as of the past year even Drake and Kid Cudi.

9. If you were president what would you do/change?

I don't really follow too much on politics but as a average guy, outside looking in on the situation. I think recession is a big deal. Even college students graduating with a degree are having trouble finding jobs.

10. Aight so I'ma start you off and you continue .. readyyyy?

".38 to the skull, feelin like a fool. There’s a breach in my hull. Not made by a tool. I’d never take my own. But my world is gone. Classify me as John Doe all along. Lost my vision. Glasses can’t help it. Call me what you want just don’t call me selfish. More like my eyes are missin’. My heads still on, I checked it. I felt it. Surrounded by strangers. Completely misunderstood. All things in life can be dangers. You did the best you could. I was hyped and optimistic still. I thought I was doin somethin. I wonder if Cupid is a whopper. A blatant liar. I guess if there is nothing to regret, there is nothing to desire.":


haha you're funny. aiight.... ahem.

The block hot. I'm bout to lay low in the shade

Brim low, smokin haze. Livin' for another day

Tony Hawk'n it. Stayin on my grind

But I got shorty sparkin if you gettin out of line

At a young age I was blackmailed

They said "We caught a long haired Caucasian and a Black male"

He did the crime and I did the time

So in other words he's just a rat with a black tail

I'm the book that you judged the cover

and ya girl is undercover under covers

Gettin juiced up with my G.F. brothers

Either get fetti or you ain't nothin

Cause the streets left me heartless, left me targets

Which ended up leaving me with a empty cartridge

Empty stomach, empty pockets. Lint and pennies

They saying "You ain't gettin any"

So i worked hard to get where I got to make it to the top

Now I'm sayin "I gotta make something drop"

Family feud. I can't work it out wit pops

So I got my weight up. Now I'm workin out a lot.

11. if you could change one thing about music what would it be?

I wouldn't change anything about the music itself. It's the fans that choose the direction music goes. I think we need to get more people into what heart and soul of the music. Music with more meaning and inspiration instead of all hype flow and dancing type songs. I mean that shit cool when you with a girl and you tryna do ya thing but a dude like me got different types of vibes and different types of moods for different types of music. Feel me?

12. your handsome.. wait. that wasn't a question

Haha. Thank you. I'm all smiles.

13. So I heard your mixtape.. It was dope.. What did you want to accomplish with that?

I just wanted to get more people to hear what I have to say. Grow a bigger fan base and just prove I'm good at what I love to do. That I'm not just another local guy who thinks he can rap.

14. do you hope to make it big like Gucci mane and Wayne, or do you hope to remain underground like Mos Def, Kwali, Elzhi , and Grae? (I didn't mean for that to rhyme)

Now you just named a lyrical legend. Being anywhere near the same category as Talib Kweli would be a honor but I have no destination on where I hopes to be categorized. I think my fans will have more control on that situation then me. I'm just going to make music that I feel that stands for me and try to be successful in anyway I can. I still ain't shit compared to a lot of people who are in this industry and this is a tough business to get into so I'm willing to get my foot in the door by any means necessary. I mean... even Tupac had to do the Humpty.

15. Is there a message you want to send out through your music?

Of course there's a different message in each and every song. I have a song called "Jumping Off A Building". Now just looking at that name you would never guess it's a track about my girlfriend. Basically saying I'm down for you and I'm willing to do whatever step needs to be taken for us but once we take this step it's do or die and if things go wrong. My heart will be jumping off a building. Then the "I Can Do Bad By Myself" is the sequel to that song and in that song one of the bars goes "My heart is on top of the building. I think it's about to Ron Browz". You know Ron Browz jumping out the window with this one! haha.

16. LASTLY, do you think you have talent, or a gift ..? (there's a difference)

Now Denisse you my homie so I won't put you on the spot that talent is in the definition of gift (haha) but I feel what you saying. I think I may have both. My grandfather was naturally gifted with music. He played the harmonica and the piano. He never had lessons. He just taught himself. He also sung in his church's choir. So, maybe I got a little bit of him inside me. Who knows but with that gift I worked hard to create it into talent. With both in my favor hopefully I'm potential of something great.

There you have it folks... Matthew (M-Eazy) doin' it big!

Check out his blog
or shoot him an e-mail

Thanks for readin' loves.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, & remember the best things in life aren't things.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Hello all it is sunday and I should be watching the Giants v.s Cowboys game but art before sports lol.  I am currently chilling with my design heads at the chill spot in Union city brainstorming for the new year to to launch some fiyaaaa!  I am currently doing works on paper for a change just to lay off the canvas for a few but I shall return to it fast.  Two of the current works I am working on are based on Kanye West and Ryan Leslie pretty funky I like the way they are coming out.  Previews will be up soon just have to find the time to take some pics and upload them.  So yeah I have been putting in some overtime in the studio every chance that I get.

In other news I happen to be over one of my very good artists friends house graphic designer extraordinaire Emme Walls.  And we were listening to some music on her 27in. Imac big bad boy and she was playing a song by reggaeton artist Arc Angel called "Quimica Sustancia" Chemical Substance the track sounded very different and not just average sound.  So one of the very few songs that I like from that genre of music.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So I happen to be still recovering from this small cold I have that in reality has been kicking my butt but I am not giving up on it.  I will combat it till until its gone.  But on the other hand I have been working day in and day out on various projects will which will be done very soon.  I kind of sort of want to keep everyone in suspense for a bit until I am ready to really debut everything. The month of December looks like its going to be a very busy and productive month for me with art, meetings, and networking which is always a good thing. I am not complaining.  This saturday I will be live at Fresh Kicks sneaker boutique painting live along side Sublime Dreamer clothing company for their interview as well as the Fresh Kicks staff.  Big shout out to Dee from FK good looks brotha!

On saturday Dec. 12th I will be attending "The Movement" group show featuring many well known and talented artists.  Should be a great event and good times as well thanks to my boy and talented artist Cesar "5inco" Rubin for the invite.  Below is the video/invitation and address to the event enjoy!

The Movement from Fresh Films Productions on Vimeo.

Next monday there will be an event hosted by Inked Magazine in New York City if you aren't doing anything than hit up the event.  The entrance will be $20 dollars or bring a toy.  It is a toy for tots event as well as an art exhibition and a very diversified event with music, good vibes and whatever else comes with it.  I want to thank my home girl Marina who is a publicist for inviting me to the event. 

Peace and Love M. Peña

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Say no more

What's up lovah's just wanted to let you know about this cool site with witty sayings that you can even put on t-shirts! It's sarcasm and a bunch of suweet sayings!!

Here we go!

Be sure to check out the site WORDBONER!!!

Thanks for readin' lovah's. Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with SUPER MOM & photographer Yanira Mendez!

Love you all! Be safe!!



Hello all hope all are doing well.  As all of you may already know today is World Aids Day please inform yourselves and use protection and practice abstinence as well. Lets spread knowledge and not disease.  In other news I've I have been keeping everyone informed about my latest actions in the studio I am currently working on some new work that will be debut in 2010 so please stay tuned you won't be let down.  I've been looking lately at other artists work to get inspired while I work on a new series of work.  Viewing other artists work is always refreshing and soothing to the soul as I regroup my creative thoughts for creating phenominal work.
In other news here are some of the things that have been motivating me lately and helping me build my artistic pallette of creativity and color as well enjoy the pics.