Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Good evening ya'll hope all are well been busy and doing alot of running around these past few days and past two weeks or so.  Been trying to keep and stay on track the best way that I can but its not easy.  I have come to the conclusion that I think I just need to say "no work for me and more rest today"  because I am always doing something and always on the move.  Then by the time I end my day I am fully exhausted mentally and physically so I have to put my self in check for a bit and take it easy word is born as they would say back in the day.  I am in the process of taking time out to edit the many photos that I have taken and choose the best ones of course and on top of that want to finish up and continue creating new work and staying motivated.

Last saturday I had the pleasure of hanging out with my mom and chilling for a change and going out to see a live jazz performance.  I have to say I was amazed and also blown away by jazz musician of Puerto Rican descent Miguel Zenon and his band.  The music was so soulfoul, rich, vibrant, relaxing, and peacefull I can go on forever expressing the feeling I felt when he was performing.  What a great idea of fusing jazz and the folkloric music of Puerto Rico "Bomba y Plena" I would def go again to check him out and most of all my mom had a good time yup!  So check him out whenever you have the chance definitely recommend him if you are looking for some good times and entertainment.

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