Thursday, February 18, 2010


Good morning all hope all are doing well.  Just up as usual had my cup of coffee and a lil dominican breakfast without any meats.  I don't do the whole pork thing and beef joint neither.  Just not my style so I had some plantains w/ eggs and cheese yup!  It's the typical breakfast in the dominican household.  Now I am ready to tackle the day.  I been browsing around like a lil busy bee where I don't even know where to start the day with all the things that need to be done from business to artwork but hey we gotta make this happen.  This friday I will be attending an event a mixer of young dominican professionals in nyc. Thanks to Sound of Art founder Leo Vasquez thanks for the invite Leo.  When you guys have a chance take a look at the Sound of Art site you will enjoy it I guarantee you that and look at the great art created by a realm of artists from different backgrounds and ethnicities.  So make sure you guys check it out.

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