Sunday, February 28, 2010


Good morning my good peoples hope all are doing well. First and foremost praises to the most high for allowing us to be here another day.  Sad to say that Chile right now is in a major state of emergency with that earthquake it suffered two days ago my prayers go out to the whole country of Chile stay strong it will take time to put the pieces together but you shall overcome this catastrophe.  And to those who lost their lives my condolences go out to the families of those who didn't make it.  We do not have any warnings of these types of natural disasters or what not and we have to hope for the best and keep the faith.  I am a strong believer that mother earth has had it with the damage man has done to it and it is reacting to all these years of mistreating and now it is taking on its revenge and letting us know that I also breath and live like the rest of ya'll! 

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P.S. lets keep Hawaii and the rest of the places who are were mentioned also in our mind as well keep the faith!!!

In other news yesterday was the day in which the Dominican Republic gained its independence from Haiti on February 27, 1844 thanks to three brave men by the names of Juan Pablo Duarte, Ramon Matias Mella & Francisco del Rosario Sanchez biggups to all the Dominicans out there in the world hope you all enjoyed your day of independence!!!

So yesterday I was in the city at Duggal visual solutions which is a photo developing and printing and scanning place that artist Tony Peralta from The Peralta Project put me up on it good looks Tony. I am in the process of getting reproductions made of the Kanye West mixed-media piece I created a about two months ago. I've been getting alot of feedback about it and people have been inquiring about prints to purchase so I have taken the initiative to have prints made signed and numbered so stay tuned!!  If you don't know what piece I am talking about here it is the piece

American art Icon (Andy Warhol) will be on exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in June 2010 until September 2010.  Andy Warhol: The Last Decade is the first U.S. museum survey to examine the late work of American artist Andy Warhol (1928–1987). Encompassing nearly fifty works, the exhibition reveals the artist’s vitality, energy, and renewed spirit of experimentation. During this time Warhol produced more works, in a considerable number of series and on a vastly larger scale, than at any other point in his forty-year career. It was a decade of great artistic development for him, during which a dramatic transformation of his style took place alongside the introduction of new techniques.

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Another artist that I've always been of fan of him and his work has been painter and illustrator Mike Thompson.  His work is infinite and definitely speaks for itself.  I remember when I used to cop XXL and other hip-hop / urban magazines I would always see some of his work.  And I would always ask myself yo who is this artist.  His work is easily identifiable because of his unique style and technique.  His application of color and the draftsmenship of his drawings are almost unexplanable.  But his work definitely deserves a standing ovation some of the artists he's done paintings or illustrations are Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Prince Paul, DMX, Jim Jones, Jermaine Dupre, T.I, Pharrell Williams, Rick Ross, and Jay-Z and the list goes on.  Some of his clients consist of Ecko, EA sports, Coke, XXL.  Here is some of his works enjoy!

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Friday, February 19, 2010


Morning all hope all are well out on the road nothing new.  Thinking about getting some prints made of some of my work and have them available for sale soon.  So if anyone knows of any companies or place where they make good prints please let me know at @ thanks it will be greatly appreciated.

In other art news artist Kaws originally from Jersey City no residing in brooklyn is exhibiting some of his work in Arco Madrid.  I've always been a fan of his work and always will be I am destined to own one of his prints or an actual work of art one day.  I won't give up I mean I am sure I will have to pay top dollar for it here are some pics courtesy of Kanye West blog site enjoy!
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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Good morning all hope all are doing well.  Just up as usual had my cup of coffee and a lil dominican breakfast without any meats.  I don't do the whole pork thing and beef joint neither.  Just not my style so I had some plantains w/ eggs and cheese yup!  It's the typical breakfast in the dominican household.  Now I am ready to tackle the day.  I been browsing around like a lil busy bee where I don't even know where to start the day with all the things that need to be done from business to artwork but hey we gotta make this happen.  This friday I will be attending an event a mixer of young dominican professionals in nyc. Thanks to Sound of Art founder Leo Vasquez thanks for the invite Leo.  When you guys have a chance take a look at the Sound of Art site you will enjoy it I guarantee you that and look at the great art created by a realm of artists from different backgrounds and ethnicities.  So make sure you guys check it out.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Good evening ya'll hope all are well been busy and doing alot of running around these past few days and past two weeks or so.  Been trying to keep and stay on track the best way that I can but its not easy.  I have come to the conclusion that I think I just need to say "no work for me and more rest today"  because I am always doing something and always on the move.  Then by the time I end my day I am fully exhausted mentally and physically so I have to put my self in check for a bit and take it easy word is born as they would say back in the day.  I am in the process of taking time out to edit the many photos that I have taken and choose the best ones of course and on top of that want to finish up and continue creating new work and staying motivated.

Last saturday I had the pleasure of hanging out with my mom and chilling for a change and going out to see a live jazz performance.  I have to say I was amazed and also blown away by jazz musician of Puerto Rican descent Miguel Zenon and his band.  The music was so soulfoul, rich, vibrant, relaxing, and peacefull I can go on forever expressing the feeling I felt when he was performing.  What a great idea of fusing jazz and the folkloric music of Puerto Rico "Bomba y Plena" I would def go again to check him out and most of all my mom had a good time yup!  So check him out whenever you have the chance definitely recommend him if you are looking for some good times and entertainment.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Good morning all this is an early post today at exactly 7:25 am.  Due to the snow fall over night we now have a delayed opening at the school where I teach at.  So I am taking advantage of the extra time to prepare myself for the day even though I am so used to waking up every day at 6 am I am up watching sports center and blogging it up early.  I must say yesterday was a long day for me of teaching and then came  home took a power nap then went into the studio to edit some photos that I took on sunday at the crash mansion on bowery in nyc.  So I am going to post up the rest of the photos right now as a continuation from yesterdays post.


In other news I was just on the Brooklyn Circus website again and I must say every time I tune in to their blog updates I am blown away by their taste of style and their crispy vintage looking photographs.  I must say the bearded man's aka Ouigi 100 year plan is a beautiful work in progress. I am still to yet to purchase an article of clothing from the BK circus but very hard to choose with one I want decisions decisions.  The BK team is definitely making major power moves here in the states BK, SF & the world good luck guys keep up the good work.  Here is a pic so you can have an idea of what I am talking about.

Here is a varsity jacket designed by the BK circus which is on my wish list what do you think?

The bearded man aka Ouigi rocking the burgundy B and Gray B cardigan sweater talk about classy!

Photos courtesy of the BK

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Morning all it is tuesday morning and I am at the work place already yup thats right.  I am that early bird who works into the nite and up early as always.  This past weekend I was at the Dunk exchange nyc at teh Crash Mansion / Blvd.  With the likes of Fresh Kickz sneaker boutique shout outs to my boy Dee, Zeak, Pun and the rest of the staff.  The events get better and better every time the tour comes to nyc.  We are looking to hit up Dunk exchange up in DC and just spread the message of creativity and enlarge the networking.  I took advantage of shooting some flicks at the event with my camera aka my new toy and I must say I got some good flicks.  Sneaker culture has come along way from when I was growing up and the designs and color schemes of the kicks are crazy.  Dunk xchange is definitely an experience for me and the rest who have never been to one.  This is my third event that I go to and plan on going to many more as they come and as I stated earlier go on a travel tour and follow it like Miami, DC, and def would like to do San Francisco.  Here are a few photos that were taken by me more will be posted within the next few days I have a lot of photos to edit so bear with me thanks.

G-Shock / Brooklyn Circus Collabo

Louis Vouitton / Kanye Collabo

Black Yeezy's

Hello all I am back it is currently the afternoon and the day is almost over for me got about 30 more minutes of work then I am out and free to go until tomorrow back to the old drawing board. I am currently in the works and in the process of purchasing a LCD projector so that I can be able to teach better and show my students visual references. It is very important for students and artists themselves to look at work done by other students and artists.  So yes I got my macbook ready and now all I need is a projector and I am ready to go.